At the Golden Spring Company we do more than just manufacture springs:  Our skilled technicians are expert troubleshooters.  Whatever your spring application requirements, our commitment to customer service will guarantee speedy, on-time delivery of the quality spring you require.

Our commitment starts at the initial design stage to insure you receive the right spring for your application.  Our manufacturing process uses the finest equipment and materials available to coil, heat, and load check your springs.  We guarantee quality control every step of the way. Our job isn't finished until final installation and your complete satisfaction.

Custom spring making is a highly specialized field. Concept to product, springs are critical components and are required to perform reliability in an application. The importance of the design should be carefully considered along with the quality of the material and the forming of the wire.

Golden Spring's goal is to exceed your expectations in quality, service, and reliability. This goal requires conformance to specifications with minimum variation, statistical quality control, defect prevention, annual improvement and supplier quality control. Our success today is due to the continued commitment of every member of the company's highly skilled, dedicated staff.  Golden Spring manufactures only quality products that meet or exceed the exacting standards our customers demand. 

Our computer numerical control (CNC) equipment can fabricate almost any spring design imaginable. Ridged computer controlled state of the art tolerance testing prevents any defective spring from ever leaving our factory.  Additionally, our quality control department compares your exact specifications to the finished product thus insuring your complete satisfaction. This collaborative process continues through each department as we further define what needs to be accomplished and when each phase is to be completed to assure on-time delivery.

Using statistical tools to assure process stability and capability, we identify the common and special causes of variation in processes in order to keep them in satisfactory control, in contrast to downstream inspection, whose aim is to detect defects. In other words, these tools are focused on the prevention of defects rather than detection and rejection

Because each of our spring technicians undergoes rigorous training and certification in the dynamics of spring manufacture, our small orders department can make that specialty and hard to manufacture spring our competition can't.

At Golden Spring Company, customer satisfactions is our primary concern. We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and help to achieve your business goals. Our email is Call us at 937-848-2513 and one of our design consultants will be happy to work with you. Or fax us your requirements at 937-848-2521.

- Spring Clips
  up to .250" Thick

- Wire Forms
  up to .375" thick

- Extension & Compression Springs
  up to .207" thick (production)
  up to .312 thick (small orders)
- Torsion Springs
   from .032 to .125" thick (production)
   up to .312" thick (small orders)

- Clutch Springs
   heat set process for snowmobiles,
   clutches, 4-wheel cycles, etc.